Sunday, July 19, 2009


I know it has been a little late in coming but here it is nevertheless. A tribute to one of the greatest showmen of our times, the King of Pop (and controversies as well), Michael Jackson!!!

Lots has been said and written about this legend that I might not have anything new but then am sure all of us carry those wonderful sweet memories of him. I can vividly recall the moment wherein I would try a ‘moonwalk’ a la MJ or his signature 'Aaaooohh' after watching one of his videos on TV. Pretty nostalgic stuff!!

The only album of his that I ever possessed was ‘BAD’. Remember dad just randomly picking up the cassette when it was released. And I literally went bonkers listening to the songs. And I should admit that it was BAD that got me listening to pop music. Not that am a big fan of English music now but then whatever interest I have currently is thanks to him and his music.

Watching some of his earlier concerts being aired on History channel today made me realize that the world has definitely lost a great performer and a showman. And I haven’t really seen people shouting, crying and even fainting during a performance (probably am ignorant but am happy that way)..

And well, about the controversies, let’s keep it aside.

Adieu MJ. Peace of mind was probably one thing which you didn’t quite get during the last few years of your life and now I pray for your soul to rest in peace…

Your music will always live forever!!!

PS - Sappu was surprised after reading this and asked me to moonwalk. Well, I almost got my feet entangled and fell off!!!

Image Courtesy - Google Images