Monday, December 24, 2007

Celebration Time!!!

Just felt like yesterday but it's an year now... What am I talking about??? Our wedding of course!!!

Have managed to stay with Sappu for an year now and there are many more to go... Boy.. only I know how I managed that!!! (hope Sappu's not reading this!!!)...

Both of us managed to take almost 10 days off for our anniversary celebrations (sounds like some Rajyotsava Celebrations, doesn't it???)... On the big day (Dec 1), went to Dakshin (Windsor Manor) for some amazing south indian lunch... Dinner, at Citrus (Leela Palace), consisted of light Italian stuff and some chocolate pastry!!!

On 2nd, met some friends for breakfast at Frescos and went to mom's place for lunch... After a nice meal, we were treated to some wonderful gifts... A necklace & salwar set for Sappu and a watch & a shirt for your's truly!!! Evening was spent shopping for both of us...

On 3rd morning, we left home at around 7.30am for our short vacation to Vythiri (Wayanad).. It was a 6 hour drive (around 300 kms)... We returned back on 5th (Wednesday) night after a nice, relaxing and a wonderful break not to mention the sumptous food and the ayurvedic massage that we had...

The rest of the week was spent lazing at home and watching the boring cricket match between India & Pak at Blore (at home, not on the ground though)... Back to the regular grind of work from 10th :(

Overall a wonderful week and a memorable first anniversary celebrations!!

Some pics from our trip:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Surprise Surprise!!!

Seems like ages since I even had a "dekko" at my blog... well, just that I have been totally busy with either work or home... every weekend I think of updating the blog but then my laziness thinks otherwise!!!

To share a piece of info with you all, my blog completed two years of its existence on Sep 14th (which incidentally happens to be my birthday also)... and what happened this year on the big day???

Well.... SURPRISE!!! SURPRISE!!! Sappu had a big surprise planned... Travel to some "secret" destination... I was strictly instructed by Sappu to take off on the 14th and 15th... No other details provided... I did as instructed (no questions asked!!!)... We left b'lore on the 12th night and until we reached the B'lore Railway Station, I had no inkling of the place we were travelling to!!!

Once in the station, I realised that we were off to Cochin and wondered what would we do in Cochin, of all the places??? On the 13th, we went around Cochin (museums, palaces... just the usual)... Sappu had arranged for a special b'day cake and I cut the same at the stroke of midnight... That was just wonderful!!!

The next day we set off to the Railway Station and I thought that was the end of the journey... We had come all the way to Cochin to cut my b'day cake!!!!! But then, Sappu had other plans in mind... We boarded the train to Alleppey and that's when I realised that we were going to spend the day in the backwaters!!!

It was drizzling the whole time we were in the houseboat and that made the stay even more romantic and wonderful!!! Was just hoping that the trip doesn't end at all, but then :(

As for the rest of the story, I would let the photos do the talkin!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dating Anniversary!!!

Its our second anniversary today... second "dating" anniversary... the same day, two years ago, we started seeing each other... that was the beginning... the beginning of our journey together... journey seeking companionship, love, happiness (well... too melodramatic... not my cup of tea!!!)...

Anyways, for more on this subject, kindly visit - Sappu's blogspot... I composed the post for her!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some Updates...

It seems like ages since I updated my blog... hmmm... just that I have been totally held up after marriage, playing my "husband" part to perfection that am not getting time to update my blog (Sappu, you agree right???)...

Actually both of us have been completely held up doing up our new house that we hardly have time right now for other things... except for our trips that is... So far we have managed to go for trips once a month... it started off with our honeymoon trip to Thailand in Dec, then it was Trichy/Tanjore again in Dec, then Rajasthan in Jan-Feb, Goa in March and Munnar last week... This is one thing which both of us want to keep doing... try and take off once a month if possible...

Well... that's it for now... Will leave you with some snaps from our trips... Yenjoy!!!

Munnar - April '07

(Rajamalai Hills, the abode of wild goats)

(A view from the place where we stayed)

(A view from Rajamalai)

Munnar, with its breathtaking scenery, lush tea gardens and beautiful flora, can rightfully be called "God's own country"... This was my third visit and am sure there would be many more in the future... A perfect 3 day weekend getaway...

Goa - March '07

(Baga Beach)

(Sappu in Calangute Beach)
Well... Goa is one place I would love to go again and again... its the perfect place to laze around... and that's what we did for 3 days!!!

Rajasthan - Jan '07

(Meharangarh Fort in Jodhpur)

(Ride on Michael Jackson, the camel in Jaisalmer)

(In front of the Royal Durbar, Bikaner Fort)

The purposes of this visit:

1) Trip to Jodhpur, Jaisalmer (esp the camel ride) and Bikaner.

2) Attend Sappu's cousin's wedding and meet her relatives.

3) Thanks-giving at Sappu's family deity temple.

Trichy / Tanjore - Dec '06

(Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjore)

(Family Deity Temple)

This was a three-in-one purpose trip... One was to show my native place Lalgudi to Sappu, visit Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjore and finally thanks-giving at our family deity temple.

Thailand - Dec '06

(This photo was taken in the cruise on our way to Phi Phi Islands)

(This photo was taken in Phuket)

(This photo was taken in the Golden Buddha Temple in Bangkok)

The purpose of this visit - well.... ahem.. Honeymoon, what else...